The peer network is a platform for the leadership program alumni alongside other citizens who wish to influence the socio-economic reality.

The activity in the network focuses on solving core-structural problems in the Israeli democracy and economy.
The change-communities act in various fields such as the banking market, the labor market, parties registration, and lobbying. .

Along with the civil activity, the network constitues a major learning and growth space that includes studying meetings throughout the year, tours and community and self-development sessions. 

Since we understand that it takes time to ingrain a deep change, the network serves as a platform for long-term civil activity and the network members are guided in their adult lives as part of their growth.

Change Communities

The change communities are a platform for the peer-network members and activists to create together channels for civic participation. The peer-network members will affect change through civil campaigns about competition in the banking market, solutions for structural failures in the job and transportation markets and promote civil-involvement in various fields including lobbying, party registration, and criticism of the media.

The change communities will implement and improve the “smart impact” model – a method of smart and effective use of democratic tools. In practice, the change communities will deal with developing knowledge pertaining the democratic decision-making process and possible civic-participation channels.

 The leadership program alumni and social activists can join and operate in the framework of the change communities. As part of our aspiration to widen the diversity of backgrounds of the participants, in order to have a full representation of the social diversity in Israel – we cultivate the involvement of leaders from the periphery, the Ultra-orthodox and the arab sectors. We will continue to facilitate equal representation for all genders in all of our action realms.

Tha banking campaign

Goal: to create a consolidated civil front that will promote efficiency in the banking system according to international standards and independent and transparent supervision. Thereby to create a banking system that distributes resources responsibly and decently, and reduce the high cost of living in Israel.

Partners: The social-organizations coalition – Lobby 99, Anu, Financial Justice, “Israel Ye’kara Lanu”

Planned Moves 

  • After three years of a widely successful civil campaign and the legislation of the law to increase the competition in the banking market that includes critical points to the public and the creation of implementation mechanisms, we turn to monitor the implementation of the law.
  •  Most reforms in Israel fail at the phase of implementation. Therefore, we pursuit our goal of implementing the law through direct contact, position papers and meetings with the Antitrust-Authority General Director and the Implementation-committee that was formed following our request. Alongside these, we will pursuit out goal by means of digital advertisement, in the media and the legal moves should the regulators responsible to implement the reform will not do so.

Party Registration campaign

Goal: to create a significant civil impact in the democratic space by increasing the number of primaries-voters from 2.2% to 5% out of all the people with the right to vote. 

Planned Moves:

  • Providing access to the wide public, encouraging registration and executing wide-scale events to raise awareness among the Israeli civilians of their ability to influence the democratic system if they participate in primaries.

Civil lobbying campaign

Goal: to influence public servants and representatives to make decisions according to the needs of the public.

Partners: Lobby 99, The Social Guard, Citizen’s Empowerment Center in Israel, The Movement for Quality Government in Israel, Ha’Ayin Ha’Shvi’it, The Public Knowledge Workshop.

Planned Moves:

  • To constitute a civil-lobbying guide to be used by every civilian or civil-body that wishes to influence the Parliament and the Government.
  • Lobbying acts around socio-economic issues according to the movement’s agenda.

Media campaign 

Goal: to support and promote Israeli media clean of corrupted interests by facilitating a system of balance-makers and breaks to reduce the involvement of foreign interest-groups in media.

Partners: The Movement for Quality Government in Israel, The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, The Independent Investigations Foundation, “Ha’Ayin Ha’Shvi’it”

Planned Moves:

  • Encouragement of transparent media by exerting pressure on main media bodies to publicize proper disclosure, advocating new ethical codex of the parliamentary ethics-committee and the media bodies themselves.
  • Inspection of the media by experts alongside continuous research about media bodies and publicizing the findings.
  • Promoting legislation that will create and sustain transparency of the media about their funding and agenda, and set straight the funding of media bodies by capital-owners.

Continuous civil endeavors

Goal: to generate civil struggles around actual burning socio-economic issues. For instance, inappropriate appointments in the public sector and “revolving doors” – transitions of regulators and public servants to the supervised bodies (corporations, small interest groups etc.)

Executed Moves:

  • Online-campaign and protests that brought awareness to the conflict of interest the current banking system supervisor has with Bank Le’umi.

  • Supporting the efforts of Bank of Israel to encourage the use of Debit-Cards in the credit market in Israel.

  • Supporting the former Antitrust-Authority general director, David Gilo, for his efforts to promote competition in the Gas market.