The Leadership program

what's in the program?

The leadership program is training young men and women to become the next leaders and who believe a change in the socio-economic reality is possible.

The program operates on campuses and regional councils across the country. The participants acquire enhanced knowledge about the democratic system, the factors and players within the system, the core problems in Israel’s economy and the importance of an active and conscious civil society.

The training program incorporates practical tools to generate change and take place in regional-impact communities.

The program comprises of 5 pillars: self-development, knowledge,community, practical tools, and activism.


Understanding and fortifying the motivation for civil activism and cultivating a sense of obligation to affect change from a conscious and critical place.


About the structure of the democratic system, decision-making processes, the factors, causes and players that influence decision-makers and the core problems in Israel’s economy.


The program aspires to emphasize the common learning process since we believe that our power as a group is much more effective. The communities are formed on campus and the community members are supported after the program ends.

practical tools

Acquiring tools for smart impact by exposure to social leadership and activism, studying the “Smart Impact” model by analyzing social struggles as case-studies and experiencing real life activism: working with traditional and new media, constructing strategic plans and leading civil campaigns.


During the program, one primary idea for a major civil act is formed. This idea leads the community through its civil action.


ממייסדי העיתון ועורך מגזין TheMarker

Eitan Avriel - chief editor and co-founder,themarker newspaper

Lecture - The media in israel, responsibility and influence

Lawyer didi lahman messer - former deputy attorney general

Lecture - The problem of the trapped agent and regualtion on the public sector

Ron Zur - Head of Implementation staff, civil service comission

Lecture - Israel's public sector's challenges

Lawyer Dana Savorai Hadar - Deputy Director General, Wexner foundation

Lecture - Introduction to Activism: from self-leadership to social-leadership

Shahar Cohen - Deputy DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE, Nativeflow

Lecrue - The "Elephents in the room" - strcutural problems in Israel's economy

Paz Cohen - CEO, Anu organization

Lecture - Leadership and Activism: How a civil struggle begins

Lawyer Linor Deutsch

Lecture - Civil lobbying: ways to influence decision makers

Dr. Yaron Cohen Zemah - lecturer for economical-thought

Lecture - Development of Modern Economy


Max Ben Ezra

An empowering, meaningful and satisfying experience. I was deeply educated and formed many ideas and opinions concerning topics I had no knowledge about before, I studied deeply issues I was interested in because of the knowledge I gained while participating in the program. And mostly – I realized that there’s a way to change.

Program alumnus, cohort I

Al Megidov

A fascinating journey with a group of people that share a passion to deeply understand the issues around us because of the understanding that knowledge is power. Once we understand the public’s interest, we can start acting for a real change. I strongly recommend joining the program, especially those who are passionate to understand what’s going on around us and act to generate a real change.

Program alumnus, Yaffo community, cohort I