Israel 2050 is a civil movement that acts to improve the democracy and socio-economic reality in Israel by empowering civic participation, impact, and responsibility in the democratic system. We believe that a conscious and active civil society can change the current situation where public representatives work to fulfill mostly the needs of small interest groups and not those of the general public.  

Our vision

To create a conscientious and active civil society, able to influence decision-makers to fulfill the needs of the public, in order to implement social justice and improve the quality of life in various fields, such as banking services, housing, food and more.

Mission Statement

To strengthen the awareness and participation of young Israeli civilians in the democratic system, by means of personal development, enhanced knowledge, practical tools to create change and establishing a civil network for activism that influences the public sphere.

Leadership program

The leadership program trains young leaders who believe it is possible to improve the socio-economic reality. 

The participants receive a unique training about the democratic system, the factors and players within the system, core problems of the Israeli socio-economic system and the importance of a conscious and active civil society.

The program includes acquiring enhanced knowledge and practical tools to lead a change in the system along with forming an active community.  


The peer network is a platform for the leadership program alumni ho wish to influence the socio-economic reality.

The activity in the network is based on the “smart impact” model and creates an impact on decision-makers’ policy to them to work in the interest of the general public.

The network is operating in two main channels: training programs for the peer network participants and leadership communities to influence the socio-economic reality.


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